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Advantages of Inflatable Boat

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we worked with Stone for 4 years, the boats are high quality without any problems. their salesmen are all very kind and professional.

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Stone has very strong R&D capability, which customized many high-tech products for our institution. wish to have better cooperation with Stone in wider marinetime area.

—— Dr. Kamran Khan

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Advantages of Inflatable Boat

Advantages of Inflatable Boat


Inflatable boats are inflatable boats that are widely used in water sports such as leisure, recreation, fishing, fishing, etc., and have the advantages of being light and versatile. Compared to traditional vessels, inflatable boats are safer and can accommodate a wide range of waters.


Inflatable boats, small in size, with propellers added to the stern, the speed of navigation can be significantly improved. Widely used in water recreation, recreation, fishing, fishing and other water operations. Generally speaking, the inflatable buoyancy tube of the whole boat is divided into a plurality of independent air chambers, and the partitions are provided with high airtightness. When the individual air chambers are damaged, the other parts still maintain sufficient buoyancy, and the adjacent two air chambers are even more when the multi-chamber is damaged at the same time, the whole boat still has some buoyancy.

The whole boat has a good anti-sinking property. When the whole boat is already at the maximum load (the safety limit), even if the entire boat is filled with water, it still floats on the surface!

Since there are buoyant tubes on both sides of the inflatable boat, the possibility of the hull being tilted into the water is small, and there is a special stability test in the design and manufacture of the product, so even if there is a large wind and wave at the maximum load, it will not be horizontally overturned!

Compared with wooden, aluminum and fiberglass boats, inflatable boats are detachable and flexible, and have a good anti-impact buffer. Because the inflatable boat is very light, whether it is the same horse power or the same compared to speed, it is superior to other small boats in terms of speed and fuel economy!


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